Choosing Your Stain Color

Stain Samples

We recommend sanding a patch and testing stain colors on your floor to ensure the right color is chosen. Stain samples should use a similar sanding sequence as will be used when the entire floor is stained as this can greatly affect how a stain looks.

Differing amounts of stain will soak into the floor if the final cut is done with 80 grit as opposed to 120 grit sandpaper.

stainsamples 1 scaled - Jeffco Flooring

Stain Charts

When selecting a stain color, print or digital stain charts are a good place to start; however, these charts do not accurately represent stain colors. Differences in lighting, computer screens, wood types, and application methods, among other factors, can cause big differences in how a stain will look from one floor to another.

Visit our showroom to see samples of stain choices on white oak and red oak, water-popped and not water-popped. Showroom appointments can be scheduled here.


Water-popping is a common technique used to stain floors. By opening the grain, the wood will accept more stain resulting in a darker, richer tone.

Stain Options

Bona DriFast


bonastain sample - Jeffco Flooring


Quick Coat Stain

duralsealstain sample2 - Jeffco Flooring


Supreme Stain

poloplaz supreme stain - Jeffco Flooring

Ciranova NT

Reactive Stain

ciranovasample - Jeffco Flooring

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