White Oak




1.5", 2.25", 3", 3.25", 4", 5", 6", 7"





Oak Grading per NWFA Guidelines

  • Select – Contains all the variations in coloration produced by the contrasting differences of heartwood and sapwood. Also included are minimal character marks, such as small knots, wormholes, and mineral streaks, as well as slightly open characters. The combination creates a floor where the light sapwood and dark heartwood are combined with small characters and other small color interruptions.
  • #1 Common – A flooring product characterized by prominent color variation that also contains prominent characters (with size limits) such as knots, open checks, wormholes, along with machining and drying variations. No. 1 Common is a tasteful floor where prominent variation is expected.
  • #2 Common – Contains sound natural and manufacturing variations including knot holes, open wormholes, and other open characters along with prominent color variations. Manufacturing variations include drying characters and machining irregularities. No. 2 Common is most desirable for applications where numerous notable character marks and prominent color contrast is desired
  • #3 Common/Utility – There are no official grading standards for utility grade. All boards rejected from the above grades can appear in a bundle of utility. A higher waste factor should be used when purchasing utility grade (usually 10% for utility as opposed to the regular 5% waste factor recommended.)

Standard bundle size is 20 square feet +/- 3 square feet for solid flooring depending on brand.

1.5″, 2.25″, 3.25″, 4″, and 5″ are considered standard widths. Other widths are available but may not be in stock.

3/4″ is standard thickness for solid unfinished flooring. Other thicknesses are available through special order.