Woodwise Easy Sand Tread Extension




Easy-Sand Stair Tread Extension: Instructions For Use

(EdgerPlatform for Sanding Stairs)

  1. Place the Easy-Sand Stair Tread Extension on the floor or tread below the tread to be sanded.
  2. Loosen knobs for height adjustment.
  3. Lower it down until the metal clips are under the tread or nosing.
  4. Raise up until the metal clips meet the bottom of the tread or nosing. (The metal clips may be slightly bent for height adjustment.) It is best for the surface of the Stair Tread Extension to be flush with the tread to be sanded.
  5. After height adjustments have been made, tighten knobs firmly.
  6. Sand the tread you have just adjusted to. You should be able to slide the Stair Tread Extension left or right for wider stairs without making further adjustments for that tread.