Jeffco Flooring

Routine maintenance

For oil- and water-based finishes, Jeffco recommends Bona and Pallmann cleaning products. Click here for a full list of maintenance products. Residential grade Bona cleaners can be found at many stores in the area but professional grade Bona and Pallmann cleaners can only be purchased at Jeffco.

Hardwax-oiled floors require special mop kits which help keep the floor moisturized. Rubio Mop Kits and Bona Natural Oil Mop Kits are two examples of cleaners specifically for oiled floors.

Cure times of site-finished floors

Different types of finishes required differing lengths of time to fully cure–the point at which the finish has reached full hardness. This period may be as short as 3 days or as long as 14 days. During the curing process, floors need to be able to breathe and therefore should not be covered.

Most finishes recommend a 24 hour period before there is light traffic. Furniture can be moved in 2-3 days after the final coat is applied.  Rugs should not be put down until 3-14 days after the final coat. All times are dependent on the specific product used. Data sheets are available under each individual product on our website.

Jobsite conditions are the most important variable of every job. Hot and humid conditions will cause dry times to be lengthened. Cold and arid conditions will likely cause dry times to shorten. Every job is different and should be treated differently.

Floors are most vulnerable to damage before they are fully cured. Most manufacturers recommend only using a dust mop or rag to clean floors before they are cured. Care should be taken to never drag anything across your floors especially before they are fully cured. Felt glides should be put under furniture legs to help protect against scratching floors.

Do your floors need maintenance oil?

Most site-finished and prefinished floors in our market are oil- or water-based and therefore do not require a periodic maintenance oil. Hardwax oil floors have become popular in recent years and do require maintenance oil to make sure the floors do not dry out. Some new prefinished floors recommend in their installation instructions to apply soap or maintenance oil right after installation to ensure proper performance. Subsequent maintenance oilings are dependent upon how much wear and tear the floors sustain.

Deep cleaning services

After a couple of years of living on your floors, a good deep clean should be considered. Floors naturally expand and contract and the cracks and soft grain of floors can collect dirt that periodic maintenance can’t clean. There are many contractors in the area who use Bona Power Scrubbers to deep clean wood floors. Give us a call and we’ll give you recommendations of the best contractors in town.