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Just as high sun exposure accelerates the wrinkling of human skin, causes fading of painted surfaces, and breaks down plastic, its direct rays can wreak havoc on interior floor finishes. Even indirect sunlight will cause fading and discoloration of finishes, and the damage is not limited to the finish system. Even after floor finish is sanded off by commercial floor equipment, rug lines are still obvious, but more subtle. The two species which are the most sensitive to UV exposure are AMERICAN CHERRY and BRAZILIAN CHERRY. These woods, though some of nature’s most beautiful, darken drastically when exposed to sunlight. It is well advised for consumers not to place rugs on these floors for a year if the rooms are exposed to direct sunlight.

Consider the effects of UV exposure when adding an additional room of prefinished flooring of the same color or adding a custom finished wood floor with the same stain as before, it will not be a great match at first, but with time, may age to match.


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