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Several local contractors offer deep cleaning services. Be sure this deep cleaner is intended for hardwood floors! Bona’s PowerScrubber is the main deep cleaner in the market. Interested in having your floor deep cleaned? Give us a call! We can recommend a contractor.

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Hardwood Selection

There are many considerations in the species selection process. Questions involve personal preference in regard to shade and texture, but there are some questions as to how the space will be used that should influence this decision.

Oak is the most common species we sell and for good reason. Oak is dimensionally stable meaning it does not swell and shrink as a response to humidity changes as much as some other species do. For example, hickory floors are far more susceptible to cupping in the summer and gapping in the winter because hickory changes dimensionally more than oak does in response to moisture.

Oak is also relatively hard as compared to walnut or soft maple. Walnut is prized for its beautiful warm color and variations in color caused by sap; however, it is very soft. Someone who is worried about their kids or dogs scratching their floors should steer clear of walnut. 

Soft maple is also a soft species–not to be confused with hard maple. Soft maple is typically grown in southern states and has a more yellow or brown hue. Hard maple usually grows in the northern region of North America, has a whiter look, and rates slightly higher on the Janka hardness scale than white oak.

Species like maple and hickory don’t accept stain well and can cause blotchy colors especially if stained dark. Water-popping can help attain a more even stain, but these species are hard to work with.

Many other species are available to choose for hardwood flooring including exotic species such as Brazilian cherry, cumaru, or ipe along with domestic species such as birch, beech, and pine as well as many others. Let us help find the right species and look for your project.

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Selecting a Stain

Our showroom has all Duraseal, Bona, and PoloPlaz stain colors on white oak and red oak boards. The boards also show the difference in color between water-popped and non-water-popped.

Paper and online color charts may also be used but are not considered to be accurate. We recommend always sanding a patch and testing stain colors on your floor to ensure the right color is chosen. Stain samples should use a similar sanding sequence as will be used when the entire floor is stained as this can greatly affect how a stain looks. Different amounts of stain will soak into the floor if the final cut is done with 80 grit as opposed to 120 grit causing the stain to appear lighter or darker.

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Low VOC options

Two-component hardwax oils such as Bona Craft Oil or Rubio Monocoat stain and finish the floors in one step and are 0% VOC. Bona Craft Oil can be topcoated with Bona Traffic HD (low VOC) allowing for differing levels of sheen. Most water-based products are low VOC. If you are worried about VOCs, steer clear of oil-based products and especially older technology like moisture-cured finishes.

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Care & Maintenance

For oil- and water-based finishes, we recommend Bona and Pallmann cleaning products. Residential grade Bona cleaners can be found at many stores in the area but professional grade Bona and Pallmann cleaners can only be purchased at Jeffco. Our cleaners have stronger degreasers ensuring a cleaner floor than residential cleaners found in grocery or hardware stores. Click here for a full list of maintenance products.

Hardwax-oiled floors require special mop kits which help keep the floor moisturized. Rubio Mop Kits and Bona Natural Oil Mop Kits are two examples of cleaners specifically for oiled floors.

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