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About Us

Buying and selling huge volumes of wood flooring material from the nation's most reputable manufacturers, Jeffco offers a vast selection at highly competitive prices, local job-site delivery and LTL shipments. Products offered in stock include prefinished and unfinished flooring, installation and finishing material, borders, medallions, wood vents, moldings, adhesives, safety products, and cleaning products. Jeffco Flooring and Supply is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, The National Wood Flooring Association, The Middle Tennessee Home Builder's Association, and is a certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) distributor.

The Jeffco Flooring staff is the most knowledgeable and courteous wood flooring team in the South with well over 100 years of collective expertise in flooring sales and contracting experience. All Jeffco salesmen are required to complete The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) week-long training school. Jeffco continues to serve as the training center for Middle Tennessee's best wood flooring craftsmen and finishers, offering several training events annually. And for homeowners and builders, Jeffco refers the best wood flooring craftsmen in the area if you are in need of professional help.

Terry Olin -
Sales and Technical Rep
Nashville Tech. and Volunteer St. Community

I have been in the flooring industry for over 30 years in Minnesota, Washington, D.C. and Nashville. Kristian's Floor Design is where I got my start as a contractor and eventually owned my own contracting business. This experience is what helps me do my job as the companies technical rep. I love that this job helps keep me up on the latest trends and new technologies in the industry.

I enjoy my fellow employees and the customers that come into the store. The contractors have become friends of mine through out the years. 

My hobbies include photograhpy and music.

Adam Scott -
NWFA School

I really enjoy the people I work with.

I started working at Jeffco when I was 17 in delivery. I delivered for 6 years and then had the opportunity to be in sales. I have now been in sales for almost 7 years and enjoy it very much.

Kevin Angielczyk -
Service and Parts
Military Training and Auto Diesel College

The people here at Jeffco are what make work enjoyable, we are a family. We enjoy taking care of our customers to the highest level and each other. Jeffco is one special place.

The experiences of working on so many different pieces of equipment and becoming the person people ask for while working here has been a rewarding experience. Also I am proud of working my way up to becoming a service manager of a forklift company while being a road mechanic. My hobbies are golf, home remodeling and car restorations.

Jennifer Norton -
Admin Assistant
Hillwood High / Nashville State

I enjoy working here at Jeffco because of the fun family like atmosphere. I have made some good loyal friends who are all working for the same goal. Good customer service is the reason for Jeffco's sucess. I love working with an office full of wookies.

In my spare time I volunteer with GPA Nashville, (since 2002) to promote Greyhound adoption. Gpanashville.org  Adopt a Greyhound.

Oliver Bradley -

I love working with great people in a fun environment and my coworkers have become a second family.

I started working for a local hardwood contractor at the age of 15. Spent the next ten years learning the ins and outs of the installation and sanding of hardwood floors. This was a great experience, it taught me a great trade and to be a hard worker. My next job was for a local home builder. I spent two years working there learning how to build a house from the ground up. I was fortunate enough to end up at Jeffco in 2007. I enjoy my job and our customers are great.

Tommy Starkey -
Delivery Coordinator / Sales
HS Diploma / Nofma Certified

I work with a great group of guys and we have a great customer base. I have made a lot of good friends. I enjoy working with all the contractors and the general public to help them solve their flooring needs.

I am proud that I have learned a lot of different aspects of the flooring industry. Also, I strive to learn new ways of handling business.

Oliver Talley -
Sales / Purchasing
BBS- UT-Martin / Springfield High ’87 / NOFMA School

My co-workers and customers are the most enjoyable thing about working at Jeffco. I look forward to coming to work every morning and helping our customers and being a part of a really special company.

Hobbies: Running, Golf

Todd Tate -
Operations Manager

I enjoy dealing with the wood flooring inventories and overseeing daily operations. Jeff is great to work for and has put together a great team. We have a relaxed atmosphere that is welcoming to tradesmen as well as the public. People walk through our door and know that we are friends as well as colleagues and that we are all happy to be here. To me, that says a lot about an organization.

Hobbies: Golf, biking, running, hunting.

Jeff C. Johnson -
Founder and President
Brentwood Academy 1978, BBA Marketing, Belmont College 1982

I was a wood flooring contractor from 1986 to 1993 specializing in installation and sanding/finishing of custom wood flooring, including custom inlays. My work was featured in three Parade of Homes projects in Brentmeade and Forrest Crossing in the 1980's. I founded Jeffco Flooring in May of 1992, supplying flooring contractors with sanding supplies, flooring machines, and wood flooring. I have amassed over 26 years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry.

Developing and managing a team of skilled individuals who identify customers' needs and assist them in making their best wood flooring product choices has been an enjoyable experience. Creating and testing new products, troubleshooting, specifying products and procedures, specie identification, and assisting in determining product performance are some of the things we do here at Jeffco. I personally designed and built Jeffco's wood flooring showroom which was awarded the National Wood Flooring Association's 2000 "Floor of the Year" in the category "showrooms and personal floors." 

Among my hobbies are running, fishing and golf.

Daniel Jones -
Sales, Accounting, Event Coordinator and Web Support
Class of ’96 NOFMA/NWFA School

Working for Jeff Johnson has been a pleasure. By far he is the easiest man to work for I have ever come across. My co-workers have become like a family over the years, many of us have worked here for a number of years. This crew of people have really mastered their skills of helping the customer over the years. Couldn't ask for a better place to work. Getting to know the customers as well, I have become friends with many of them over the years.

Just the fact that I have put in 17 years with the company is enough to be proud of for me. Also, I would like to say that Jeff Johnson makes working for him an easy chore, I never thought I would find a job that I enjoy going to every day, but at Jeffco I have. Hobbies: Anything sports related, from being a Predators season ticket holder to playing hockey, soccer and golf myself. Sports, anytime all the time.

Helpful Hints

Community Involvement

Jeffco Flooring is active in support of local charities and organizations that give back to the community. In addition to local outreach, Jeffco also looks to provide disaster relief in areas outside the middle Tennessee area.

Customer Commitment

At Jeffco, we personally guide our customers with extensive technical advice, which often ultimately determines the performance of their wood flooring. The Jeffco staff knows wood inside and out, and about its proper application.